The New Covenant part 6 – Eternal Redemption (Audio)


Title:  The New Covenant part 6 – Eternal Redemption

Subject Matter:  In this class we spend nearly the entire time in Hebrews chapters 8-10.  We were talking about how revolutionary this letter would have been to the original audience.  We used the historical and cultural context of the letter to help us grasp the gravity of this fact:  Jesus offered one sacrifice for sins for ever, and then sat down (Hebrews 10:12).  We also used all of this context to help shed light on some passages that sometimes are difficult to understand.

Speakers:  Neal Leazer

Recorded July 22, 2015 at Spirit Filled LivingHope Chapel, Apex NC

You can download the audio by right-clicking on the following link:  The New Covenant 6 – Eternal Redemption

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