Healing part 3 – Authority and Demons (Audio)


Title:  Healing part 3 – Authority and Demons

Subject Matter:  This is the third part of a series on healing.  Sometimes sickness and other issues can be the result of demonic influence.  In this class we talked about how to stand your ground against the enemy by using the authority given to you by Jesus.

Speakers:  Neal Leazer

Recorded August 26, 2015 at Spirit Filled LivingHope Chapel, Apex NC

You can download the audio by right-clicking on the following link:  Healing Part 3 – Authority and Demons

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  1. Neal,
    I came to Hope Chapel for the first time last night for the teaching on the authority we have in Christ. I found the teaching to be a very profound revelation and something that I can’t wait to share with others. I also found it amazing that the very thing we were being instructed about was able to be demonstrated last night by you and your wife. And not just one time. We had the opportunity to see it in action! I am always amazed at how the Lord accomplishes things! Thank you for what you bring to us all as believers. May the Lord continue to bless all that you do in His name!


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