The name of this site, Born of Spirit, comes from a phrase that Jesus used in John 3:5-6.  He was talking to Nicodemus about what takes place when a human being believes in Him.

When a person places faith in Jesus, that person will at that moment be “born again” as a child of God…one of God’s offspring.  And just as the children of human parents will reflect the nature and character traits of the parents, so it is also that the children of God have been enabled to demonstrate the character and nature of God.

This site is devoted to exploring what it means to be “born of spirit” into God’s family, and to providing ways to see and enjoy different aspects of the inheritance that God has freely given to His beloved children.

If this is your first visit, then I recommend you begin with this post.  It lays the foundation that everything else is built on.

Be blessed!

Neal Leazer

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