Healing Part 6 – Spiritual Authority


Title: Healing Part 6 – Spiritual Authority

Subject Matter:  This class began with a discussion about the origin of the battle between Satan and mankind.  Then we went through the scriptures that Continue reading

Healing 4 – Using Your Faith and Authority


Title: Healing Part 4 – Using Your Faith and Authority

Subject Matter:  We began the night talking about scenarios where someone is healed, but then later on the symptoms return Continue reading

Healing 3 – Faith vs Fear


Title: Healing Part 3 – Faith vs Fear

Subject Matter:  In this class we began by looking at what we need to believe about ourselves as children of God, commissioned and empowered to minister healing Continue reading

Can a believer have a demon?

Can demons affect Christians?  Can a believer have a demon?  Can a Christian be possessed by a demon?

These questions come up very often when I teach on spiritual warfare and casting out demons.  They are good questions.  The answer, in my mind, mainly comes down to the definition of words.  In this post I hope to explain this in a way that makes it very simple and obvious to understand. Continue reading

The Jesus Deliverance Method

In this post, I want to  go through some things we can learn from Jesus in the area of dealing with demons.

As  I pointed out in other another post, there are two important facts we should keep in mind about Jesus and demons:

  1. Jesus spent a lot of time and energy setting people free from demonic influence
  2. Jesus always told all of his representatives to set people free from demons as a part of their mission.

Because of these two facts, I believe that any follower of Jesus should at least know the basics of how to exercise authority over demons.  I find it unfortunate that such a major aspect of the ministry of Jesus is so often ignored.  The children of God should be winning the spiritual battles that come against them, but so many times the people are either unprepared or completely ignorant of what is going on.

Though I do not consider myself an expert, I do feel like I have learned a lot of things that can be helpful.  I have done my share of research, and I have acted on the things I have learned. Continue reading

Casting Out Demons 5 – Overcoming Lies and Unbelief (Audio)


Title:  Casting Out Demons 5 – Overcoming Lies and Unbelief

Subject Matter:  The children of God have been given authority over the kingdom of darkness, but many Christians are unaware of this fact.  In this class, we covered the Biblical foundation for the power and authority we have been given, and worked to uncover some of the lies of the enemy that affect believers in this area.

Speakers:  Neal Leazer

Recorded November 11, 2015 at Spirit Filled LivingHope Chapel, Apex NC

You can download the audio by right-clicking on the following link:  Casting Out Demons 5 – Overcoming Lies and Unbelief