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Casting Out Demons 1 – Introduction (Audio)


Title:  Casting Out Demons 1 – Introduction

Subject Matter:  This was an introduction to the subject of demons.  We went through definitions of some words we will be using, answered various questions that came up, and ended the class by talking about the authority Jesus has given to us.

Note:  There have been some odd technical difficulties with the recordings the last two weeks.   There are several bouts of noise or interference in this recording that I was not able to fix during the editing.

Speakers:  Neal Leazer

Recorded October 14, 2015 at Spirit Filled LivingHope Chapel, Apex NC

You can download the audio by right-clicking on the following link:  Casting Out Demons 1 – Introduction


fine-chinaGrowing up in church, one of the words I heard used from time to time that I didn’t really understand was “sanctified” or “sanctification.”

Based on the way I heard it used, I came to believe that sanctification meant something like this: “A change in behavior that occurs over time where the Christian sins less and less.” It was often referred to as “the process of sanctification.” Basically, it seemed to mean that you were growing in your ability to avoid sin, both externally and internally. Continue reading