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My name is Neal Leazer.  I am happily married.  I make a living as an IT professional at a software company.

I believe in Jesus, and I believe the Bible is the word of God.

I believe that God wants to show His love and His power to the world through His children.

I have seen God do so many amazing things, and I am so thankful that He allows me to participate and minister on His behalf.  I have seen many people get physically healed (including my own wife getting healed out of a wheelchair).  I have seen many set free from demonic oppression.  I have been privileged to lead many people to be baptized with the Holy Spirit.

Currently, I teach about the love and power of God, both inside and outside of traditional church settings.   My desire is to help people to know and enjoy the benefits of being children of a supernatural God that loves them unconditionally.

I created this website as a means to provide some resources for people that want to learn about and enjoy the life in abundance that Jesus brings to us (John 10:10).  I hope you find something here that deepens your relationship with the Lord and expands your view of His character and nature.

Be blessed


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  1. Neal, I visited Hope Chapel last Sunday and so appreciated your teaching on the Baptism of Holy
    Spirit which is so needed to clear up so many misconceptions.
    Wanted to say Thank You.

  2. Neal, I have been enjoying your teachings on Wednesday nights. Today I just found your blog! I have been reading them and they reinforce what I have learned from the class. This is great! Thank you so much for the great work. I’ll keep praying that God will keep pouring out gift of teaching and revelation of Him to you so you can bless other people like me.

  3. Hello Neal,
    Wonderful sessions! You have been talking about the timeline for God’s Revelations to the world through the old covenant and the new covenant. At one of the recent sessions, you mentioned that some of the New Testament scripture is about a person before they accept Jesus as Savior, and some New Testament scripture is about a person after they accept Jesus as Savior. In one of your future sessions, could you talk about this personal ‘before and after salvation time line’ like you did with the ‘old and new covenant time line’ ? The way you described the scripture made it sound like a good topic. Thanks!

    1. Hi Danny! Yes, I do plan to go into more detail on the issue you are asking about either this week or next week, but here is a little more info to think about.

      Jesus was born while the Old Covenant was still in effect. The New Covenant did not begin until after Jesus died and rose again. So there was a 33 year span where Jesus was alive, but the people were still under the Old Covenant. He knew the New Covenant was coming because he prophesied about it and talked about it quite often. But he also talked about the Old Covenant, and he would teach the Law in its full force sometimes. This was usually done to lead people to a place where they would realize that they needed a savior, in my opinion. Paul talks about this toward the end of Galatians 3.

      Be blessed!

    1. Hi Peg. Thanks for your question. Due to my current schedule, I am not doing personal meetings right now. But I do monitor the comments on my website for each page, and I try to answer any questions that are posted on there. If you have questions on a specific article or recording, feel free to post it on the appropriate page and I will answer what I can as time allows.

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