When Jesus was on the earth in the first century AD, He was on a rescue mission.  His mission largely consisted of three main activities:

  • Preaching/teaching the gospel of the Kingdom of God
  • Healing the sick
  • Casting out demons

He rescued people that needed to be rescued.

If they were lost, He forgave their sins and led them to relationship with God.  If they were sick, He healed them.  If they were under demonic oppression, He set them free.

In addition to this, He would also train His followers to do what He was doing, then He would send them out to represent Him.  And whenever He sent out people to represent Him, He always commissioned them with authority and power to do those same three activities:  heal this sick, cast out demons, and preach the gospel.  He wanted more people rescuing more people.

Then, He told these people to go out and make new disciples, and to teach the new disciples to do the same things…leading to more and more people rescuing more and more people.

If you are a Christian, then this is for you too.  You have been rescued and adopted into the family of God.  You have been given citizenship in the Kingdom of God.  And you have been given authority and power to enable you to participate in the rescue mission.

The purpose of this site is to provide materials and resources to aid those seeking to learn about their position, their standing, their equipment, and their mission as children of God.

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